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What Is the Court Process After an Arrest for DUI?

What Is the Court Process After an Arrest for DUI? Being placed under arrest for any reason can be an intimidating experience, especially for an offense as serious as a driving under the influence (DUI). Understanding how the court process works for DUIs in Georgia can help make the experience a little less daunting. The… Read More »

What Kind of Crime Constitutes a Federal Offense?

Two main factors determine whether a crime will be classified as a state or federal offense: jurisdiction and severity. The government must have jurisdiction to regulate a behavior. A state has jurisdiction over a certain crime if the crime happened within that state’s borders and is a violation of the state’s laws. A crime that… Read More »

What Happens After a Conviction of DWI or DUI?

Although most driving under the influence (DUI) offenses in Georgia are classified as misdemeanors rather than felonies, the penalties for DUI convictions in the state are typically more severe than for other types of misdemeanors. The specific penalties you face may differ depending on the circumstances of the case, but all Georgia DUI convictions come… Read More »

If You’re Arrested for Marijuana Possession, Will You Lose Your Driver’s License?

One of the most common questions we receive from people who have been arrested for marijuana possession is whether a conviction will result in a suspension or revocation of their driving privileges. Thanks to a 2015 change in Georgia law, a simple possession charge does not result in a driver’s license suspension unless the person… Read More »

Is There Any Way to Avoid Prison for a Drug Trafficking Charge?

Drug trafficking is a type of distribution that involves the illegal sale of a controlled substance. Trafficking has less to do with whether the drugs crossed state lines as it does with the amount of drugs involved. The consequences of a drug trafficking conviction in Georgia vary greatly depending on the type and amount of… Read More »

Do You Really Need to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer for Your Drug Case?

Any time you’re facing possible prison time or other serious penalties, you’ll want a lawyer representing you. Even if a conviction seems inevitable, a skilled criminal defense lawyer will fight for your best interests and work to reduce the potential penalties you face. This is especially important in Georgia, where officials are especially tough when… Read More »

What Are the Possible Penalties for Murder in Georgia?

Georgia law is very tough on defendants who are convicted of murder. A life sentence with the possibility of parole is the minimum punishment. Unlike some other states, Georgia does not divide murder into separate degrees in most situations. The basic legal distinction is that murder involves “malice aforethought” while manslaughter is the result of… Read More »

How Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Defend Violent Crime Cases?

How Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Defend Violent Crime Cases? At the outset of any criminal case, the defendant and his or her attorney will meet and develop a strategy. This is an extremely important step in the process. If a strategy is not prepared, or if the developed strategy is not strong enough, the… Read More »

Will You Be Granted Bond if Accused of a Violent Crime?

Many people charged with violent crimes have never been through the criminal justice system, and therefore do not understand the bail system. First, it is important to understand what bail bonds are and how they work. A bail bond is a type of payment presented to a court in exchange for the release of a… Read More »

Decision Reversed for Houston County Man for “Upskirting”

Last week, the Georgia Court of Appeals, in a 6-3 decision, reversed the conviction of a Houston County man, for “upskirting”.  He was prosecuted under Georgia’s Invasion of Privacy Act, for using a cellphone camera to video record a woman under her skirt while she shopped for groceries.  The defendant was an employee of Publix,… Read More »