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Skilled Legal Defense for Sex Trafficking and Crimes in Decatur, GA

Exceptional defense representation

Sex trafficking and sexual crimes committed in Decatur and throughout the state are serious matters. Therefore, the firm of James D. Michael, P.C. believes everyone is entitled to high-quality legal assistance. Moreover, Jim Michael has a successful record that spans nearly two decades in Georgia courtrooms defending clients accused of sex crimes.


Registered sex offenders

The most violent sex offenses carry mandatory terms of 25 years with no possibility of parole. The list of Georgia sex offender registry offenses includes:

  • Rape
  • Kidnapping
  • False imprisonment
  • Solicitation of a minor
  • Sodomy
  • Aggravated child molestation
  • Aggravated sexual battery

When it comes to charges of a misdemeanor or felony sex crime in GA, the stigma of belonging to a class of sex offenders in Decatur is huge. If convicted of a sexual crime, you must register for life to a list of sex offenders – unless a petition for removal is successful. Confidential and prudent representation is necessary to protect your identity during these proceedings.

Crimes of rape and sexual assault

Jim Michael represents clients accused of sex crimes in Decatur on misdemeanor and felony offenses including rape crimes, sodomy crimes, sex trafficking and sexual battery. Cases he has handled include accusations against law enforcement and care facility employees of committing inappropriate acts upon people in custody or under their supervision. No matter the complexity of your situation, Jim has the skill and tenacity to help you build your strongest defense.


Statutory rape

According to Georgia law, a person has committed statutory rape when he or she has sexual intercourse with someone who is under 16 years old and to whom he or she is not married. When teenagers engage in sexual activity with someone near their age but one party is technically younger than the legal minimum age allowed for sexual intercourse, statutory rape charges can be brought by parents, guardians or the sexual partner, even if the act itself is arguably consensual.

The law firm of James D. Michael, P.C. is experienced, able and willing to lead the defense of allegations of sexual misconduct in court. The discreet way in which Jim handles these sensitive cases is the result of his dedication and determination to stay on top of the case to build the strongest defense possible.


For a vigorous defense of sexual charges in Decatur

James D. Michael, P.C. is experienced in handling the complex defense of people charged with sexual crimes. He offers flexible office hours and promptly returns calls and emails.

Jim Michael serves clients in the following counties:

  • DeKalb
  • Gwinnett
  • Fulton
  • Clayton
  • Cobb
  • Douglas
  • Henry
  • Hall
  • Newton
  • Rockdale
  • Walton

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