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A moving violation is an offense committed by a driver when a vehicle is in motion.  In addition to fines, points are assessed to the driving record of individuals convicted of moving violations.
The Georgia Department of Driver Services suspends driving privileges of any adult driver who accumulates 15 or more points within a 24 month period.

A speeding ticket lawyer in Decatur understands moving violations, such as a speeding ticket, or DUI, can be serious. Working with traffic attorneys can minimize, and sometimes eliminate, the impact of a traffic stop.

Decatur traffic lawyers can help with moving violations. Types of citations and points that accrue to a driving record upon conviction include the following:

  • Reckless driving: Conviction of driving recklessly without regard for the safety of other persons and property can include fines up to $1,000, imprisonment for up to 12 months, and assessment of four points to a driving record.
  • Violation of Move Over Law:  Failure to move over one lane when an emergency vehicle with flashing lights is parked on a highway shoulder is considered a moving violation resulting in a fine up to $500 and addition of three points to a driving record.
  • Aggressive driving: Considered a misdemeanor, aggressive driving is the operation of a vehicle with intent to annoy, harass, or intimidate another driver or drivers.  Penalties include fines, imprisonment, and six points on a driving record.  For drivers under 21, conviction on a charge of aggressive driving results in suspension of all driving privileges.

Traffic attorney in Decatur

As a partner with the  Decatur criminal law firm of Carnesale, Delan, Flinn & Michael, LLC, Jim Michael is a highly skilled traffic lawyer representing clients facing speeding tickets and other traffic violations.

With more than a decade of successful practice as a speeding ticket attorney in Decatur, Mr. Michael provides confident, aggressive legal help to clients facing fines, loss of driving privileges, and incarceration.

When pulled over by law enforcement, be courteous, turn your car off, and keep your hands in plain sight on the wheel.  Being stopped is always upsetting, but being angry can make the difference between a warning citation and a ticket, or worse. You can always contest a ticket later.

If you get a speeding or other traffic ticket in Georgia, Jim Michael is an experienced traffic ticket attorney who fights to protect your rights, driving privileges, and future.

Help from an experienced traffic lawyer in Decatur

When you need a criminal attorney, contact Jim Michael.  Jim represents clients facing speeding tickets, traffic violations and other criminal charges throughout Georgia and the Southeast, including the following counties:

  • DeKalb
  • Gwinnett
  • Fulton
  • Clayton
  • Cobb
  • Douglas
  • Henry
  • Hall
  • Newton
  • Rockdale
  • Walton

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