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White Collar Crimes in Decatur

Allegations of white collar fraud

White collar crimes are difficult to prosecute and even more complicated to defend.  Moreover, many white collar crimes are becoming federal crimes.  When white collar offenses fall under state jurisdiction, knowledgeable counsel like James D Michael, P.C. is important to retain. White collar crime allegations in the state of Georgia allow more room for an attorney to mount a successful defense as the prosecution must prove criminal intent and a legal offense.

Fraud and other white collar crimes

Many actions fall under the umbrella of so-called white collar crime. To be clear, white collar crime is theft classified as a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the severity of the allegations. The following types of white collar criminal behavior are recognized by Georgia law:

  • Money laundering: Disguising the origins of money to make it appear that it was obtained through legitimate means
  • Computer trespass: According to Georgia law, the unauthorized use and removal of data and files from a computer, or alteration, damage or malfunction caused to such computer
  • Computer theft: Using a computer or network without permission to take property outright or in a deceitful manner
  • Fraud
    • Computer: Theft by means of a computer
    • Mortgage: Deceit, misrepresentation and criminal actions by individuals and businesses related to mortgages. This can include falsified mortgage or loan applications, phony applications and subprime mortgage misconduct among other activities.
    • Healthcare: Committed by patients or medical practitioners, obtaining Medicare or other health insurance benefits by means of misrepresentation or falsified information
    • Mail: Theft or fraud throughout the U.S. Postal Service
    • Wire: A deceitful behavior or a scheme to acquire property using electronic means such as wire transfers, radio or television that is a serious federal crime with severe punishment (up to 20 years jail time and monetary fines)

For nearly two decades, the firm of James D. Michael, P.C. has been defending clients accused of the above crimes with great success.


Experienced legal counsel is essential

Before law enforcement typically arrests someone suspected of white collar crime, they usually arrive at the suspect’s workplace with a warrant and perform a search. At that point, the accused knows he or she is under investigation. Thereafter, the suspected individual must contact legal counsel seasoned in local white collar criminal defense for advice.

With 17 years of courtroom and white collar crime experience, Jim Michael is well suited to lead the defense of your case. He is sensitive and compassionate to clients and the situations that they are facing, effectively helping clients through the difficult aspects of the case. Named by his peers and colleagues as a Super Lawyer for criminal defense work in Decatur and the surrounding area, Jim is dedicated to building a superior defense for his clients.


For a successful defense to Decatur white collar crime allegations

Serving the metro Decatur area, James D. Michael, P.C. is available to discuss your legal concerns. The firm offers flexible office hours, and you can be assured that your calls are returned in a timely manner.

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