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Defending Gun, Knife and General Weapon Charges in Decatur

No simple weapons possessions charge

Weapons allegations are often combined with other offenses and come with consecutive punishments. When faced with robbery, assault or sexual assault, possession of a weapon adds additional years to a jail sentence. To avoid felony prosecution, seeking the advice of a lawyer before possessing any possible dangerous weapons is crucial. The law firm of James D. Michael, P.C. has proven experience handling all types of weapons charges in Georgia courts.

Possession of concealed and dangerous weapons explained

Carrying a concealed weapon can be a crime in and of itself, without doing anything else against the law. According to Georgia law:

  • Weapons are prohibited in schools, places of worship, government buildings, jails, hospitals, courthouses and state mental hospitals, among other locations.
  • Dangerous weapons are not allowed in any location. Dangerous weapons include hand grenades, sawed-off shotguns or rifles, guns with silencers, rocket launchers, machine guns and bazookas. Less obvious illegal concealed weapons include knives, guns, nunchucks, tasers, knuckles, razor blades, darts, bats and clubs.
  • Convicted felons cannot possess firearms at any time or in any place.
  • The maximum length blade that a pocket knife can have is three inches in Georgia.
  • Locking blades, even on multi-tools, and throwing knives, even if less than three inches, are illegal in Georgia.
  • Carrying a concealed knife, firearm or explosive with the purpose of using it for offense or defense is a misdemeanor.

For clarity on Decatur knife and gun law requirements and requirements for surrounding areas regarding possession and concealment, you should consult a skilled weapons crimes attorney. James D. Michael, P.C. handles the whole spectrum of weapons charges against individuals, including first-time offenders accused of carrying a concealed weapon and prior criminals who illegally are in possession of a weapon. In addition, Jim maintains a strong network of other attorneys in the area, which is useful in a case with multiple defendants who cannot be represented by one attorney.

A former public defender in DeKalb County, Jim is an experienced private defense attorney with a record of success. And, when his clients are faced with criminal charges, he helps them and their families alleviate the stress and anxiety of going to court.


For effective representation of weapons charges and other crimes

Contact James D. Michael, P.C. to discuss your weapons allegations and other offenses with which you may be charged. He represents clients throughout the state, including the metro Decatur area. Jim maintains flexible office hours and promptly returns calls and emails.

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