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Theft Crime Defense Lawyer Serves Clients in Decatur, Georgia

Respected Dekalb County attorney fights burglary and fraud allegations

Theft, defined as the taking of someone else’s property with the intention of permanently depriving them of ownership, can take many forms. The law firm of James D. Michael P.C. in Decatur defends against all variety of theft charges in DeKalb County and the surrounding counties. Since 1995, attorney Jim Michael has been dedicated to representing everyday people accused of misdemeanor shoplifting, felony money laundering or other theft related offenses. He has the experience, knowledge and skill to help when you or a loved one need an effective advocate in criminal court.

Seasoned lawyer takes on a broad range of theft charges

Theft may involve deceptive means of acquiring property, illegal conversion of property for your own use or even the failure to perform a service for which you have received compensation. Prevailing in a theft case may hinge on proving your lawful intent or your rightful ownership of the property.

Jim Michael capably provides criminal defense against allegations of theft involving:

  • Burglary and robbery — Burglary occurs when a person enters another’s home or dwelling without permission and with the intent to commit theft or another crime. Robbery is when a person uses force, intimidation or sudden snatching to intentionally commit theft.
  • Bribery — A Georgia public official commits bribery by soliciting or accepting anything of value while inducing a reasonable belief that the exchange will influence the official’s job performance. Bribery charges can also be brought against an individual who offers benefits, rewards or special consideration in an attempt to influence a public official.
  • Deception— The charge of theft by deception can apply to a number of criminal acts, including credit card fraud, mail fraud and sale of goods misrepresented as one’s own. To be found guilty, a person must have intentionally used deceitful means to obtain and deprive property from the rightful owner.
  • White collar theft — Money laundering, identity theft and computer theft are among the white collar crimes that carry strict punishments in Georgia.

Jim Michael also defends clients accused of auto theft, theft in the workplace, theft by government employees and misappropriation of funds.

Reputable attorney represents defendants in theft by conversion cases

In Georgia, a person can be charged with theft if he or she lawfully takes possession of property but exceeds the terms of lawful use. This is known as converting the property to one’s own benefit. Examples are when a person rents or borrows property and either fails to return it or sells it for profit. The charge can also apply to funds that are entrusted to someone for a specific purpose but then are misused for the trustee’s own benefit.

When the value of the converted property is lower than $500, the crime is a misdemeanor. Otherwise, it is a felony. As long as the value of the stolen goods is not in the ten of thousands of dollars, a judge often has the option of converting a felony charge to a misdemeanor charge. Punishment for a misdemeanor charge may include being placed on court-ordered probation until owed funds are returned along with unpaid interest, rental charges and other applicable replacement costs.

In all conversion cases, the prosecution must prove the defendant deceived the property’s owner and acted contrary to the owner’s interests. Jim Michael is experienced at attacking these elements of the alleged crime as part of a forceful defense or tactical plea bargain.

Contact a dedicated Georgia theft defense attorney today

If you have been accused of theft in Georgia, contact a skilled criminal lawyer with experience in the local, state and superior courts. Based in Decatur, the law firm of James D. Michael P.C. delivers assertive defense in theft cases and in DeKalb County and the surrounding areas. To set up a free consultation, call 404-857-4059 or contact Jim online.