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Decatur Criminal Attorney Effectively Assisting with Drug Defense

All drug crimes require qualified defense counsel

If you have been charged with any drug crimes in Decatur, from misdemeanor amounts of marijuana to felony counts of trafficking large amounts of cocaine, methamphetamines or marijuana, you need a good criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. The law firm of James D. Michael, P.C. has successfully defended drug crime charges in Georgia, including possession, possession with intent, sales, trafficking and manufacturing of drugs. Because penalties for drug convictions include loss of freedom and marks on permanent records, you should hire a criminal attorney experienced in defending clients on misdemeanor and felony drug charges in local courts.

Consequences of pleading guilty to misdemeanor and felony drug crimes

In Georgia, even if you are charged with what appears to be a minor crime or misdemeanor, paying a ticket is as if you had pled guilty to the crime. This means that you can lose your license for six months. You must understand the criminal and life consequences to pleading guilty to any crime.

A person’s mobility is seriously crippled with a suspended driver’s license — even getting to work and running errands becomes difficult, if not impossible. A forfeiture component exists as well, where law enforcement may attempt to seize your personal property as evidence (for example, if you were arrested with drugs in the car) or if they believe the property was purchased using illegally earned assets (for example, if you are arrested for trafficking large amounts of drugs and the police believe you used that money to buy a house, a car, etc.).

Pleading guilty to felony drug charges carries a heavier consequence — jail time. Jim Michael helps you defend yourself against criminal charges and defend your property from being confiscated.

Effective Decatur drug defense lawyer

For first-time offenders or for those with previous convictions, the law firm of James D. Michael, P.C. is prepared to lead your defense and secure your freedom. Jim possesses decades of experience in the courtroom and maintains many resources to help build strong cases for his clients. A former DeKalb public defender, Jim has a lengthy record of success in reducing drug charges for his clients. Named as one of Georgia’s Rising Stars by Super Lawyers, Jim is well positioned to help you navigate your way through the criminal process.


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