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Do You Really Need to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer for Your Drug Case?

Any time you’re facing possible prison time or other serious penalties, you’ll want a lawyer representing you. Even if a conviction seems inevitable, a skilled criminal defense lawyer will fight for your best interests and work to reduce the potential penalties you face. This is especially important in Georgia, where officials are especially tough when it comes to drug crimes.

The following are a few of the most important ways a criminal defense attorney can help you in your drug case in Georgia:

  • Negotiation: Criminal defense attorneys are highly skilled in the art of negotiation and can work with you and the prosecutor to come to a plea bargain deal to reduce your potential sentence. They can even work to eliminate some of the charges brought against you. If you choose to represent yourself, the prosecutor will be less likely to negotiate a deal.
  • Sentencing program: A criminal defense attorney can determine a good sentencing program for your circumstances. If you are found guilty, your attorney can negotiate for a program that would help you stay out of the criminal justice system. Instead of a 10-month prison sentence, for example, your attorney could seek a deal in which you spend six months in prison and the remaining four months in a drug treatment facility.
  • Emotional support: It is extremely helpful to have someone by your side throughout the process, for both advice and emotional support. Criminal trials can cause fear, anger, and embarrassment, and your lawyer can help you stay strong and positive.
  • Accurate advice: Attorneys offer their clients a bit of a reality check, keeping them informed of what is happening during the trial and giving them a clear idea of what might happen next. These insights and accurate analyses make it easier for you to make decisions and plan ahead.
  • Legal knowledge: Criminal defense lawyers have a thorough understanding of the various rules and regulations involved in the process. Many of the regulations associated with criminal prosecutions are difficult to find — sometimes nested underneath other rules — and difficult to understand. An experienced lawyer knows all the relevant regulations, and can easily navigate any challenges and complications with your case.
  • Knowledge of costs: An attorney can explain the various hidden costs that can come with pleading guilty. People who represent themselves tend to be unaware of the financial consequences of a guilty plea. Even if you have a shorter sentence, it could be very difficult to find a job after you have finished your sentence. You may have other options available that do not have the same financial impact.

To learn more about why a criminal defense attorney is so beneficial to your drug crime case, contact a skilled professional at the Georgia law office of James D. Michael, P.C.