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Expunging Your Criminal Record in Georgia

Everyone makes mistakes — it’s a part of life. For some, these mistakes can lead to criminal charges and convictions, which can remain on their records for the rest of their lives. They could end up facing serious consequences, putting them at a disadvantage for finding a good-paying job, renting an apartment and pursuing higher education opportunities when background checks reveal a criminal record.

In many ways, these background checks can help contribute to cycles of criminal activity. Those who want to turn their lives around but are prevented from doing so because they cannot get hired may be more likely to return to crime simply for their survival.

In Georgia, you may be able to have certain offenses on your criminal record expunged or restricted, which means it can be sealed, expunged, or erased. If successful, you can ensure that these offenses do not show up on criminal background checks.

When are you eligible for expungement?

Cases that end without a conviction are often eligible for restriction in Georgia. If the charges against you were dropped or dismissed, or if you were found not guilty in trial, you may seek to have those charges restricted.

Expungement may not be possible if you were not acquitted of all charges, you pled guilty to a different crime or you entered a plea deal resulting in the charges being dismissed or dropped.

If you were convicted of the crime in question, you may still be eligible for getting the record expunged if it was a first-time offense. If you pleaded guilty to a first-offense drug possession charge and completed all the terms of your probation, for example, you would likely be able to have your record restricted.

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