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Georgia Sex Offender Registration and How to Get Off the List

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Being convicted of a sex crime can have severe long-term consequences. Besides probation and possible jail time and parole, you will likely end up on Georgia’s Violent Sexual Offender Registry. This will have a significant impact on your life, as it restricts your access to residences, jobs, schools and certain public places.

You must register as a sex offender if you have been convicted of a sexual crime involving a minor or of a “dangerous sexual offense,” as defined by state law — such as rape, aggravated sodomy or aggravated sexual battery — regardless of the age of the victim.

Registration can last a lifetime unless you take action. The only way to be removed from the sex offender registry is to petition the courts once you have completed your sentence, including prison time and probation or parole. In support of a petition, you must establish the following:

  • You have no previous convictions for sex crimes or crimes against minors.
  • You were not convicted of using a deadly weapon during the sexual offense.
  • You did not seriously harm the victim.
  • You did not physically restrain the victim.
  • You did not transport the victim during the offense.
  • There is no evidence that you committed sexual offenses that did not lead to a conviction.

You may to petition for removal immediately upon completing your sentence if you meet one of these conditions:

  • You have been given a Level I assessment by the Sex Offender Registration and Review Board (SORRB), which means you are considered a low risk of being a repeat offender.
  • You are permanently disabled or seriously incapacitated.
  • You are confined to a hospice facility, nursing home or residential care facility for the elderly.
  • You were sentenced for a crime that was punishable as a misdemeanor after July 1, 2006.
  • You were convicted of kidnapping or false imprisonment of a minor that did not involve a sexual offense or attempted sexual offense against the minor.

If you have been assessed at Level II, which means an intermediate risk to reoffend, you must wait 10 years before you can petition for removal from the registry. If you are assessed at Level III, which means classification as a sexual predator, you must remain on the registry for life.

An experienced sex crimes defense attorney can help you establish eligibility for removal from the registry, which may include raising a challenge to a Level II or Level III assessment by the SORBB.

With more than 25 years of experience in criminal defense, James D. Michael, P.C. can assist you in seeking removal from the sex offender registry. Based in Decatur, Georgia, we represent clients in and around DeKalb, Fulton and Gwinnett counties. Please call us at 404-857-4059 or contact us online to arrange a consultation.