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Is It a Good Idea to Enter the Atlanta PTIT Program?

If you’re issued a traffic citation in the Atlanta metro area, the city’s municipal court offers an easy way to resolve your case while saving you money and clearing your driving record. The Pre-Trial Intervention Program for Traffic Offenses, or PTIT, has allowed for the efficient monthly resolution of thousands of traffic tickets for Georgia drivers. With successful completion, the PTIT allows you to take responsibility for the violation while saving you from getting points on your license and a possible conviction, since all charges are dismissed.

Those who are eligible for the PTIT program will be able to opt in during their initial court appearance, known as a traffic court arraignment. For individuals who choose to opt in, the case is transferred from the original court to the PTIT calendar.

Traffic tickets that are dismissed via the PTIT shouldn’t appear on your driving history, regardless of whether you’re a resident of Georgia or an out-of-state driver. This makes the PTIT ideal for drivers who might otherwise face a reportable traffic offense that could negatively affect insurance rates or lead to other consequences.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that individuals are only permitted to enroll in the PTIT once every year, which is intended to disincentivize “wasting” PTITs on offenses that are already nonreportable. For example, if you received a citation for driving too fast in dangerous conditions, this should already be a nonreportable offense, which means that if you decide to enroll in PTIT for this citation, this will render you ineligible to use the PTIT again if you receive a second citation within the next 12 months.

Out-of-state drivers cited in Georgia can also benefit from the PTIT. If you’re cited for a type of offense that might be nonreportable for Georgia drivers, the state will still report this citation to your home state. While Georgia drivers can avoid having a speeding violation appear on their driving record by entering a guilty plea for this nonreportable offense, this may not be the case for drivers with out-of-state licenses where different rules apply. With the help of the PTIT, out-of-state drivers can get the citation dismissed entirely, eliminating the danger of having a recorded driving offense in their own state.

If you receive a traffic citation in Georgia, a PTIT representative can help you determine if you are eligible for the program. On the other hand, if you want to hire an experienced Georgia criminal defense attorney  to fight your traffic offense, James D. Michael, P.C. provides skilled representation. To schedule a free consultation, call 404-857-4059 or contact us online.