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Types of Credit Card Crimes in Georgia

We are living in an increasingly cash-free world. But as people rely more on credit cards and digital forms of payment (such as PayPal and Venmo), there are also more opportunities for fraud and identity theft to occur. The Federal Trade Commission recently named Georgia one of the top five states for identity theft risk.

In Georgia, taking another person’s credit card information without permission and then using that information to make purchases on the account is a felony that falls under the umbrella of identity theft. The state has specific categories of credit card-related crimes, which include the following:

  • Theft of a credit or debit card: This may involve stealing a credit or debit card, possessing a card with the intent to sell it, or purchasing a stolen card from another party.
  • Forgery of credit or debit cards: Under Georgia law, those who have created a counterfeit card with fraudulent intent, falsely embossed a card or falsely encoded cards, such as by magnetically or electronically encoding fake numbers on a magnetic strip, face felony charges.
  • Fraudulent transactions: These transactions usually involve using a credit or debit card, without authorization, to secure a debt or loan. Fraudulent transactions also involve the receipt of money, goods or services as a result of a counterfeit, forged, fictitious or otherwise fraudulent credit or debit card. They also cover the use of an ATM or online banking app to deposit forged, altered or counterfeit money or checks.

Penalties for identity theft convictions may include one to 10 years in prison, up to $100,000 in fines or both. Second and subsequent convictions may subject the offender to even harsher penalties.

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