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What to Know About Gun Laws in Georgia

If you own a firearm in Georgia, you should be aware of what the law says about your possession, storage and use of that firearm. Many responsible gun owners in the state find themselves facing serious charges simply because they did not know their legal obligations. Understanding these laws can prevent this from happening to you.

To start, there are some dangerous weapons one cannot legally own in the state of Georgia. These include sawed-off shotguns and rifles, bazookas, mortars, grenades and rocket launchers. Gun silencers are also prohibited by state law. While there are a few exceptions for law enforcement officers, military personnel and correctional officers, the vast majority of residents cannot legally possess these items.

The state also has stringent regulations for the storage of legal firearms. You may store a firearm in your home, vehicle or business without a license, but you must apply for a license with the probate court in your county if you wish to carry a firearm outside of your property. If you are hunting, your hunting license allows you to carry your firearm outside your property, but only for that purpose.

If you are accused of a gun-related crime, you may face either misdemeanor or felony charges. Examples of misdemeanor weapons crimes include these:

  • Lacking a valid license when carrying a gun outside of your property
  • Purposefully pointing or aiming a pistol at another person without justification, even if it’s not loaded
  • Discharging a firearm on private property without that property owner’s approval
  • Firing a pistol or gun within 50 yards of a public street or highway without legal justification
  • Discharging a firearm while under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Misdemeanors can come with tough penalties. Those convicted could face 12 months of incarceration and up to $5,000 in fines.

Common examples of gun-related felonies include:

  • Convincing a dealer to give a firearm to someone who is not the actual buyer
  • Giving a firearm to a minor for illegal use
  • Purposefully altering or creating counterfeit weapons licenses or carrying a fake weapons license

The penalties for felony weapons charges include two to five years in prison and fines up to $10,000.

For more information on gun laws in Georgia and what you should do if you are facing criminal charges, speak with an experienced Georgia criminal defense attorney at James D. Michael, P.C. Call us at 404-857-4059 or contact the firm online.